If you have any questions, please feel free to read to f.a.q. first. If you can't find an answer please press the button below to submit your own question. You will receive your answer in your email and maybe we'll post it below.

+What is Arctic Trombone Festival

The festival is dedicated to the Trombone and for people of all ages that like to play, learn, and listen to the trombone. We arrange concerts, masterclasses and clinics once every year in the Paris of the North, Tromsø.

We always try to have the best players teach at our festival so that you get inspired to keep on grinding!

+Who can participate at the festival?

Everyone is welcome to participate. If you are a trombone player you can actively participate at all the events. If you don't play you are welcome to listen in. The price is the same, we do not differentiate between active and passive participants.

+How much does it cost to participate?

The prices for the festival is as follows:

  • Regular participants: 2100,- NOK
  • Student participants: 1700,- NOK
  • Kids: 1000,- NOK

+Where is the festival held?

The main part of the festival is held at the the Tromsø conservatory. Concerts and some of the other events are held around town. Check the festival program for updates on that.

+How do i sign up?

You press the "register" link in the menu on this website ;) No link? That's 'cause we are between festivals. Chill...be patient!

+Where can I stay during the festival

The center of Tromsø is quite small, so any hotel in the city centre is within walking distance of our concert venues.

Please check out Visittromsø.no to see a list of hotels in Tromsø.

+Can I see the northern lights?

Maybe :) There is no garantuee, but the time of year that the festival is held is the start of the Northern Lights season, so there is a chance.

+Why is this FAQ so short?

Because tromboneplayers know shit! Thats why...honestly!